I wrote this in support of Darrell Castle, the Constitution Party’s nominee for President in 2016, when my World History teacher asked for an essay on who I would vote for if I had the chance. Though I had been actively involved in supporting Castle’s campaign since the beginning of the summer, two other students gained knowledge of Castle in this way and wrote their essays in support of him as well.


Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump share many similarities, but also have many stark differences. Regardless, I could not vote for either one of them. That is why I support Darrell Castle of the Constitution Party.

Hillary Clinton wants to raise taxes, continue to fund Planned Parenthood, is pro-choice, and supports Obamacare. She also wants to grant illegals citizenship, continue Common Core, provide subsidies for wind and solar companies, and expand federal gun control by banning those on the “terrorist watch list” from buying guns. I cannot support this level of theft and unconstitutional intervention on the part of the federal government.

Donald Trump is not much better. He does support lowering taxes somewhat, is pro-life, wants to eliminate funding for Planned Parenthood and solar and wind companies, and opposes Common Core. These are all views that I support, but it is not enough for me to support him. This is because he supports tariffs on imported goods, and, like Clinton, supports banning those on the so-called terrorist watch list from buying guns. He also supports federal paid maternity leave, just like Clinton. These policies, like Clinton’s, would increase the size of the federal government and expand its unconstitutional overreach.

Because I support a smaller, constitutional federal government, lower taxes, and more freedom, I support Darrell Castle of the Constitution Party: the only candidate that aligns with my views. Darrell Castle would restore the federal government to its constitutionally limited authority, exercising only those powers specifically enumerated to it by the Constitution. He would lower taxes, including eliminating completely the income tax. He would restore American sovereignty by withdrawing from the United Nations. He is pro-life. He would eliminate the Federal Reserve and decriminalize drug use.

Castle’s constitutionally sound, pro-freedom policies make him by far the best candidate for President; certainly better than Hillary or Trump. Despite the media’s refusal to even mention his name, were I eligible to vote, I would write in Darrell Castle, as he is an officially-recognized write-in in our great state.