I wrote this poem for my 9th grade English I class last year. To get extra credit, I read the poem aloud, garnering a pretty good reception from my classmates and a 110 on my grade. Though it is from my more conservative days, I still pretty much agree with the points brought up.

I am smart and curious

I wonder how long I’ll live

I hear Uncle Sam shouting at me

I see the giant’s shiv

I want to get out of here

I am smart and curious


I pretend I am a politician

I feel the voters breathing down my neck

I touch the newly passed federal law

I worry it won’t keep the criminals in check

I cry out for our founding fathers

I am smart and curious


I understand that Socialism is not right

I say capitalism is the only way

I dream of a more conservative America

I try to keep the liberals at bay

I hope the Constitution will survive

I am smart and curious