GOP_Logo1.svgThe Republican Party could easily pass a tax plan that is both politically expedient and good for the economy. Here’s all they have to do:

Propose a single change to the current tax code: eliminate ALL income taxes on people earning under $100,000 a year. Just change all their tax rates to 0%. Leave everything else the same. This tax cut could not be contested by the Democrats as “only helping the rich” or “hurting the middle class and the poor,” as it would ONLY affect middle and lower class tax rates. This would force Democrats to drop their “Republicans hate the poor” argument when discussing taxes, and, left with no justification for opposition to the plan, they would be forced to either agree to the plan or face widespread opposition from their constituents, even ones that lean Democrat.

There is no downside to this proposal. Even those that are concerned about “paying for” tax cuts would have their worries alleviated, as contributions from those below $100,000 in income only comprise 20% of total revenue generated by personal income taxes, not accounting for the growth that would result from the tax cuts.